Customised security solutions

Prestige Alarms strives for excellence which begins with focusing on quality products and a commitment to ongoing staff training and customer service. We offer a wide range of security products which can be expertly customised to suit your specific security needs. Prestige Alarms is a member of the Bosch Partnership Program which provides us with the most up to date product catalogue and training programs available.

Our capabilities include the design, installation, servicing and maintenance of Intruder Alarm, Access Control and CCTV Systems, so whether it be a domestic, commercial or enterprise system, we have the right solution for you.

Service and Maintenance

For over 25 years, Prestige Alarms have been servicing and maintaining electronic Security Systems throughout Western Australia. Our highly trained, police licenced security technicians work on a wide range of  Security Alarm, Access Control, CCTV, Assistance/Duress, Smoke Detection and Intercom systems.

Regular servicing and maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation of your security system by identifying any potential system failures before they happen. Prestige Alarms technicians have the training and certification to perform high-level servicing and maintenance on systems of all sizes. We specialise in upgrades of older systems and have the expertise to offer the latest technology at affordable prices.

Security Alarm Systems

Installing a Security Alarm System can help reduce the security risks at your property, so whether it be a residential home, commercial property or enterprise system one of our specialised team members can help design a system that will suit your individual needs. Once installed, the system will be serviced and maintained by one of our in-house trained service technicians.

Access Control Systems

Installing an electronic Access Control System into your premises allows you to monitor those entering and exiting your building along with the ability to restrict access into sensitive areas. Other benefits of Access Control Systems include:

  • Providing auditing information
  • Providing time and date attendance information
  • Track and deter access throughout your building
  • Ability to restrict access between nominated times
  • Ability to manage a site remotely
  • Ability to manage multiple sites from a single management point
  • Ability to print customised staff ID badges with company logos
  • No need for the changing of keys or locks when employees leave

A correctly installed and commissioned Access Control System is a great start to your business security needs.

CCTV Systems

Installing a CCTV System is a great deterrent for theft, vandalism and other costly crimes. CCTV is a video surveillance system which allows you to record incidents on your premises. This is extremely helpful for fraudulent liability claims as well as a highly effective and affordable tool to improve employee productivity.

With one of Prestige Alarms’ fully customised CCTV Systems, your entire business is protected. Our systems make it easy to adapt to your requirements and expand with the growth of your company.

Some of the benefits of CCTV include:

  • Increase company efficiencies
  • Remote ‘real time’ monitoring
  • Deterrent for shoplift, pilfering and fraudulent liability claims
  • Improve employee safety

Monitoring Service

Prestige Alarms offers a specialised, WA-based Monitoring Service for your peace of mind. This service is available for domestic, commercial and industrial monitoring purposes and includes:

  • WA-based Grade A1 accredited local monitoring centre
  • 24/7 back to base monitoring specialists
  • Digital dialler (phone line) monitoring
  • Wireless GPRS monitoring
  • IP based monitoring
  • NBN monitoring solutions
  • Remote app alarm control
  • Duress/assistance monitoring
  • Personal/man down monitoring
  • Smoke detection monitoring
  • Plant and computer room monitoring
  • Corporate monitoring rates available
  • Security patrol response
  • Free consultation with an experienced security consultant
  • New and existing systems

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems play an important role in residential and commercial security, allowing the identification and screening of visitors.

At Prestige Alarms, we stock the leading makes and models of both audio and video intercom products. Intercom Systems are perfect for residential apartments and tower blocks, and a real benefit at commercial premises.

With many types of handset and entrance unit models available and a huge variety of configuration options, intercom systems have a wide range of building applications.

Audio Intercom Systems allow you to speak to visitors via a call station at the entry, which is connected to an internal unit that houses a handset and control functions. Once confirming the visitor’s identity, you can allow guests into the home by releasing an electronic door strike that unlocks the door.

Video Intercom Systems allow you to visually monitor an entrance as well as speak to visitors via a built-in camera linked to an internal unit that includes a monitor, handset and control functions. Again, you can release a door strike via the control panel to unlock the front door.

Audio and video intercoms have been very popular for a number of years as security has become a higher priority. Trust Prestige Alarms to select the right system for your requirements.

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